Tips to Help Prevent Your Home Plumbing Lines From Freezing

Theo nguồn tin trang mạng của In Phoenix, plumbing lines that travel from the property’s meter into the house and throughout the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Low temperatures can cause the water in your private lines to freeze and break due to increased pressure, especially if the pipes are exposed or in an attic. Here are a few tips to help protect your home: When you think about covering your plants, think about how to protect your water pipes, too. Insulate all pipes that can be seen. Protect exposed outdoor pipes with some type of temporary insulation (towel, blanket, small rug, etc.) Know where your water shut off valve is located. A home’s main shut off valve usually is located near the front of the house, but may be located at the rear of the property, or in the basement. If a pipe breaks, turn off the water to your house using the main shut off valve and call a licensed plumber. Remove hoses from outdoor hose bibs. Close any indoor valves that supply water to outdoor hose bibs. Open outside valves to allow any remaining water in the pipe to expand without causing the pipe to break. Leave a cold water faucet dripping slightly, since moving water does not freeze. The cold water is still above freezing and will help prevent the pipe from freezing.

Household Plumbing Tips

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