Thành Phố Phoenix Nhận Đơn Mướn 15 Cảnh Sát Cho Tới Ngày 18 Tháng 2

Theo nguồn tin tiếng Anh trên trang mạng của thành phố Phoenix We ARE Hiring 15 Police Officers The city of Phoenix is now hiring 15 highly qualified police officers. Preference may be given to instate lateral transfers. Applicants must have at least one year experience as a peace officer/deputy. In addition, applicants must currently be certified and in good standing as a peace officer. The city of Phoenix conducts pre-employment screening for all positions. The screening for this position will include a physical agility test, drug screening, a criminal background check, verification of work history, academic credentials, licenses, personal references and certifications Visit the City’s Human Resources Jobs page for details.

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