Travelocity Xếp Phoenix Hạng 10 trong 10 Thành Phố Giá Khách Sạn Dưới 150 Khi Đi Du Lịch Trong Lễ Độc Lập Hoa Kỳ Năm 2014

Travelocity Reveals Top Cities to Book Inexpensive Hotels and Most Popular Vacation Destinations for July 4th 2014

Las Vegas and Orlando Among Most Budget-Friendly Cities July 4th Hotels in the U.S. Under $150 Consider taking a July 4th vacation to one of these 10 cities, where average hotel rates are below $150! Las Vegas ($105) Albuquerque ($112) Colorado Springs ($116) Memphis ($126) Dallas / Ft. Worth ($126) Orlando ($131) Atlanta ($139) Palm Springs ($140) Minneapolis ($141) Phoenix ($142)]]]]> ]]>