Phoenx Launches New Solid Waste Programs

June 25, 2014, 12:00 AM ​The Public Works Department is launching two new solid waste programs in July that will encourage Phoenix residents to divert trash from the landfill. Sign-ups for the programs begin Monday, July 7, by calling the customer service line at 602-262-7251 or filling out the online form at The first program is called Save As You Reduce and Recycle (SAY R&R). This program offers residents the option to downsize their current large trash container to a medium trash container for a monthly savings of $3 on their solid waste services bill. This program is available to residents who currently have curbside service only and are enrolled in the city’s recycling program. The second is the Green Organics Curbside Collection program, which provides residents a new, large, tan container for their yard waste. This program is ideal for residents who own acre-size properties that require weekly maintenance. The monthly fee for this program is $5/per tan container and will be implemented in a phased approached. If interested, residents are asked to visit or call 602-262-7251 to find out if their neighborhood is included in the phase 1 implementation. The implementation of these new programs are a result of the city’s waste diversion initiative, Reimagine Phoenix, the goal of which is to divert 40 percent of Phoenix’s trash from the landfill by the year 2020. “If we want to reach our goal of diverting 40 percent of trash, every Phoenix resident will have to play a part,” said Mayor Greg Stanton. “These new, creative options for solid waste show that our city is committed to finding solutions to be more sustainable.” “Phoenix has long been a national leader in encouraging residents to reduce what we throw away, while generating revenue at the same time,” said Councilwoman Thelda Williams, chairwoman of the City Council Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee. “It started with recycling more than 20 years ago, and now we are taking it to the next level with these two creative, innovative new programs. I look forward to seeing great results!” The Green Organics Curbside Collection will allow residents to place their branches, grass clippings, shrubs and untreated wood loosely in their new, tan container. These materials are well suited for gardening purposes and will be mulched at city facilities. Palm trees fronds, oleanders, creosote, pyracantha, treated wood, as well as trash, food waste, pet waste and recyclables should not be placed in the tan containers because they contain poisonous sap, can damage the mulching equipment or are not ideal for mulching at all. The Reimagine Phoenix initiative aims to inspire Phoenix residents to view trash as resources. An integral part of the initiative is to increase community outreach and expand the educational curriculum. Neighborhoods and other organizations interested in a presentation about the programs and the Reimagine Phoenix initiative should email their request to For more information about the Green Organics Curbside Collection and the SAY R&R programs, visit or call 602-262-7251. Community presentations on these solid waste programs also are available by emailing Contact: Yvette Roeder Phone Number: 602-568-6501 ]]]]> ]]>