Parker and Sons Urges Arizonians to Prepare for the Summer

As the scorching Arizona summer approaches, Parker and Sons prepares by hiring forty new technicians

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

As the scorching Arizona summer approaches, Parker and Sons prepares by hiring forty new technicians. Parker and Sons is the number one HVAC service provider in the valley several times over by virtue of Arizona Rankings. The recent influx of employees suggests that they intend to maintain their spot, by assuring that the air conditioning needs of the customers will be serviced promptly during the scorching summer months.

“The recent hires are an effort to protect our customers from the dangers of the desert. Any Arizonian knows that the summer months can be unbearably hot. It’s our duty to make sure that none of our customers are subjected to the scorching heat without a fully functional air conditioning unit,” said Josh Kelly, partner at Parker and Sons.

Indeed, the Arizona summer is notoriously hot. It is not uncommon for temperatures to climb above 115 degrees. What’s more, the lack of moisture in the air, coupled with the intense heat, causes dehydration. In fact, hundreds of people perish every Arizona summer due to an H20 deficiency.

Returning home to a house without a functional AC unit during the Arizona Summer months can be like a walk through Dante’s Inferno. In order to avoid such an unfortunate scenario, there are a few tips that homeowners can adhere to in order to assure functional air-conditioning and a hospitable living environment.

First off, any homeowner can clean their AC unit’s air filter. Dust and other debris accumulates in the filter, and blocks the proper functioning of the unit. Also, the air-conditioning coil is especially prone to damage, and may require regular cleaning. Although air-conditioning maintenance is more than manageable, those who feel uncomfortable should call a licensed professional.

“We find that our customers who regularly acquire AC maintenance are better prepared for the summer months. All our technicians are required to pass rigorous certifications, and uphold the highest level of professionalism,” said Josh Kelly.

Parker and Sons has been servicing the valley for over forty years. What started as a garage and van operation has grown to be one of the largest plumbing and HVAC providers in Arizona. Their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and their Trust Certified Team Member Stamp, sets them apart from the competition. No doubt, Parker and Sons will once again be the coolest AC provider in the desert this summer.]]]]> ]]>