Parker and Sons Prepares for the Scorching Arizona Summer

PHOENIX, June 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In order to prepare for the scorching Arizona summer, Parker and Sons hires around forty new employees. The summer months are a busy time for HVAC service providers, because to be without air-conditioning in the Arizona summer would be a waking nightmare. Logo – In order to prevent AC malfunction, it is highly recommended to seek regular maintenance by a licensed professional. Parker and Sons has been rated the number one service provider in the valley five times over by Ranking Arizona. In order to maintain their top spot, the additional hires were necessary to comply with growing demand in summer. “Every year we prepare for the summer like it’s a new excursion. The summer months are a sensitive time for our industry, because it’s our time to step up to the plate and perform despite the extreme temperature associated with the Arizona summer,” said Josh Kelly, Partner at Parker and Sons. Indeed, any resident of Arizona knows that Phoenix during the summer can turn into an episode from Dante’s Inferno real fast. That is why it’s a safe bet to bring a professional to deal with AC issues, rather than attempting to deal with AC issues alone. But for those do it yourself types, some maintenance tips follow. First, make sure you regularly clean your AC filter. The filter is known to attract and accumulate dust and debris, which can interfere with the function of your AC unit. As a secondary maintenance precaution, cleaning your AC coils is also important. In the world of HVAC, the little things can make all the difference. But it is always best to leave the fate of your AC in the hands of professionals. Parker and Sons is one such professional that is highly regarded by the Phoenix community. Their customer satisfaction guarantee distinguishes them from the pack. What’s more they require all their technicians to complete a difficult, comprehensive certification process. Lastly, Parker and Sons offers some of the best deals in the valley. If you’d like to see what discounts are on the docket at the moment please click here. Contact Information Parker and Sons Josh Kelly 480-644-8896 SOURCE Parker and Sons RELATED LINKS]]]]> ]]>