Healthcare For Everyone: VitaMist Introduces Their Healthcare Savings Program

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In these tough economic times, millions of people are struggling with healthcare costs. In response, VitaMist is sponsoring a free program offering up to 75% off in discounts on prescription drugs and up to 70% off in discounts for laboratory testing and imaging services. PHOENIX, AZ (PRWEB) DECEMBER 29, 2016 VitaMist ®, Inc. announced today their FREE prescription drug and medical testing savings program. Today, millions of Americans are struggling with the economic downturn, loss of jobs, and the rising cost of healthcare. In response, William Deihl, the President of VitaMist, has announced the start of a Healthcare Savings Program. This program consists of millions of free prescription and testing discount cards that VitaMist is donating to their customers, both present and past. Starting in January 2017, VitaMist will be shipping these discount cards to all current and new customers, as well as any customer who has made a purchase from VitaMist throughout its long history, to assist the under-insured, uninsured, and seniors. This free healthcare discount card is not limited to VitaMist customers. Any individual who contacts VitaMist is eligible, at no charge. VitaMist, a Phoenix-based company, has been in the nutraceutical business for over 34 years and has used their position in as the originators of spray supplements to help promote health and wellness with free online health articles, and free nutritional coaching. VitaMist’s expressed goal is to promote total body wellness. According to President Deihl, his new healthcare discount initiative falls right in line with that goal. The healthcare discount cards will offer discounts on prescription drugs of up to 75% off and up to 70% off of the ancillary services that patients need most, laboratory testing and medical imaging. There are no eligibility requirements, no forms to fill out, or an expiration date; no enrollment or fees, and everybody qualifies Anyone with or without insurance can use this program to access savings. Once the complimentary certificate is redeemed online, one needs only to print their discount card, and they can begin saving on healthcare costs immediately. Interested parties can contact VitaMist at cs(at)vitamist(dot)com or visit to take advantage of this program. VitaMist will be working diligently to supply current and past customers with these discount cards and welcomes the opportunity to share these savings with anybody interested. While discounts of this sort are available elsewhere, they almost always come with a price tag attached. VitaMist believes that these discounts, and good health, should be freely available, at no cost to the user. VitaMist has vowed to continue pushing their goal of total body wellness every chance that they get.

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