Theo nguồn tin trên trang của

April 4, 2017

The city of Phoenix is aggressively going through its more than 5,000 properties, and getting rid of anything considered to be in excess. This is a win for the community in many ways. First – it means more revenue for the city to support vital services like police and fire protection, libraries, parks and more. Second – it means more development in our community. So far, the city has identified approximately 650 excess properties with some of those now listed for sale. Some are commercial and some residential. These properties, along with those recently sold, are now listed on the city’s website through an interactive map allowing potential buyers to quickly and easily search by price, location and other factors. Users can also see an aerial map view and print a property flier. The city has made nearly $18 million so far from selling properties, and that amount is expected to increase as more are listed and sold. “Thanks to feedback from residents and neighbors, we have made fighting blight a priority at the city of Phoenix, and this is part of that equation,” said Councilwoman Kate Gallego, chair of the City Council’s Sustainability, Housing, Efficiency and Neighborhoods Subcommittee. “Thanks to measures like the Abatement Lien Program, we are taking proactive steps to clean up abandoned properties and get them into the hands of new owners who can invest in our neighborhoods.” In addition to gaining more revenue for the city by collecting property taxes on sold properties, this program will revitalize neighborhoods. Once vacant homes could now be occupied by families. And what was once a dirt lot could now be developed into a site for a small business, for example, adding to the vitality of Phoenix neighborhoods. Visit to see the interactive property map. Media Contact: Tammy Vo Phone Number: 602-859-5089]]]]> ]]>