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13tophauntedhouses.com Dares America To Visit The Nation’s 13 Most Terrifying Haunted Houses This Halloween Season

CINCINNATI, Oct. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The fright-seekers at 13tophauntedhouses.com know that ghost season is short. Those wanting to experience ghastly encounters with horrifying souls have limited time to visit haunted houses every year. To make the most of the Halloween season, 13tophauntedhouses.com names the top 13 biggest, best and most demented haunted attractions of 2016 to make sure America gets terrified to the bone. Getting on the top 13 list isn’t easy. Attractions must have large, high-level, elaborate, and unique Hollywood-quality sets that attract guests from the around world. These are the haunted attractions that are so intense, they terrify the bravest and hardest-to-impress souls! The Top 13 Haunted Houses that will make Halloween complete for scare-fans this year are: Netherworld (Atlanta) The Dent Schoolhouse (Cincinnati) Beast (Kansas City) 13th Floor (San Antonio) Erebus (Pontiac) Cutting Edge (Dallas) Nightmare On The Bayou (Houston) House of Torment (Austin) 13th Floor (Phoenix) 13th Floor (Denver) Spookyworld – Nightmare New England – (Litchfield, N.H.) 13th Floor Haunted House (Chicago) 13th Gate (Baton Rouge) ABOUT 13TOPHAUNTEDHOUSES.COM 13TOPHAUNTEDHOUSES.COM is interested in one thing: Finding the scariest haunted houses and haunted attractions in the nation and sharing that information with fright-seekers who crave the wildest, highest tech and most creatively terrifying Halloween scares. This website is run by creeps and freaks who are obsessed with spending their time in only the best haunted houses, haunted hayrides and other horrifying attractions. For more information about the top 13 scariest attractions for 2016, visit 13TOPHAUNTEDHOUSES.COM Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20161021/431347 SOURCE 13tophauntedhouses.com Related Links http://13TOPHAUNTEDHOUSES.COM

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