Fred DuVal Launches Petition to Support Civil Unions in Bisbee, Arizona

Theo nguồn tin trên trang mạng của PRNewswiere Use of State Tax Dollars to Meddle in Local Government Issues is Frivolous PHOENIX, April 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona business and education leader Fred DuVal , who is exploring a run for Governor, today launched a petition on the popular website calling on Attorney General Tom Horne to drop his planned lawsuit against the City of Bisbee for its new civil unions ordinance. On April 2, the Bisbee City Council passed an ordinance offering civil unions to all couples in the city. These civil union certificates give couples the same rights and responsibilities as married couples, including property ownership, inheritance, guardianship and adoption rights. In the ordinance, the Council makes it clear that the City doesn’t have the authority to legalize same sex marriage. But while Arizona’s constitution defines marriage, it is silent about civil unions, which gives Bisbee the authority to take this step for the liberty of its citizens. The council wrote that it seeks to “put an end to discriminatory practices within the City of Bisbee.” In response, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne threatened a lawsuit against Bisbee for taking a stand against discrimination. DuVal’s petition calls on Horne to drop the lawsuit. “Please join me in taking a stand to support Bisbee,” said DuVal. “Arizonans cherish our personal freedoms and Bisbee has the right to offer civil unions without big government interference. Such actions are a frivolous use of state resources.” DuVal is asking all Arizonans who care about personal freedom to sign the petition in support of the position taken by the Bisbee Council. Visit to access the petition. SOURCE Fred DuVal RELATED LINKS

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