The Republic Xếp Nhà hàng Rice Paper Hạng 8 Trong Danh Sách 10 Trong Thành Phố Phoenix

Theo nguồn tin trên trang Blog của Seftel: Top 10 downtown Phoenix restaurants BY Howard Seftel, The Republic 8. Rice Paper Downtown “The well-crafted dishes range through the Vietnamese repertoire, from spring rolls, banh mi sandwiches, salads and pho to tempting main dishes like the clay hot bubbling with braised pork, caramelized salmon, lemongrass chicken and the outstanding home-country specialty, shaking beef.”

SOURCE: Banh Mi Bistro Vietnamese Eatery ADDRESS: 2221 N 7th St, Phoenix, Arizona 85006 PHONE: (602) 252-3326 EMAI: WEB: FACEBOOK:

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