Rich Dad Education Donates CASHFLOW 101 Board Games to Transform the Financial Education of Phoenix High School Students

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Cape Coral, FL (PRWEB) June 27, 2014

Rich Dad® Education, a leader in financial training, announced today that it recently donated 15 CASHFLOW® 101 board games to Career Success High School located in Phoenix, Arizona. The games will be used to teach students valuable lessons about personal finance and investing.

Rich Dad Education was contacted by Ms. Janice McKenna, a math teacher and student council advisor at Career Success High School, with a request for CASHFLOW 101 games to be used as a resource to teach financial principles to her students.

“I think that Rich Dad Education would be a great asset to all of our students to help them make better decisions in their lives,” said Ms. McKenna, math teacher and student council advisor. “Many of our students have come from an entitled way of thinking, and if I can educate them to a better future, then this will have a profound impact on society's future.”

CASHFLOW 101 is a board game created by bestselling authors, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, to simulate real life financial situations and help people develop financial literacy in a fun, interactive way. The game has been described as “Monopoly on steroids,” and has proven to be an entertaining way for people to discover the principles of financial success.

“The basic principles of financial education and literacy need to be taught in schools now more than ever,” stated Anthony Humpage, CEO at Rich Dad Education. “At last count, only 17 states in the U.S. required students to take personal finance courses. Is it any wonder so many students leave school ill-prepared to deal with the complex financial realities facing them in today’s recovering economy? We are inspired by Ms. McKenna’s commitment to her students and applaud her efforts to instill in them the principles of financial education. It is our pleasure to support her efforts with this donation.”

Ms. McKenna plans to use the CASHFLOW 101 games in math class, and also looks to start an after-school CASHFLOW class for students. By playing the game, students will be able to:

  •     Practice real-world investing principles using play money
  •     Learn the difference between an asset and a liability
  •     Discover the power of understanding a personal financial statement

In short, they will have the opportunity to learn key financial principles essential to making better money decisions in life.

To learn more about CASHFLOW 101 or any of the other Rich Dad Education resources, visit their website

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