Parker & Sons Extends Generous Scholarship to Student Athletes

PHOENIX, Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to prove that character counts, Parker & Sons, the HVAC and plumbing provider of Arizona, offers a scholarship to student athletes who demonstrate character on and off the field. Logo – What makes this scholarship so unique is that it assesses applicants not based on their earned run average, points per game, or number of home runs, but rather, the amount of points scored with themselves and the people they encounter, the amount of points accumulated for good character. Why is this important and why reward athletes for character? A just question. Maybe it’s because character counts. For instance, it has been the secret to Parker & Sons success ever since Grandpa Parker loaded up a van with a few pipes and s wrench, and more importantly, a can do attitude and a commitment to character. No doubt a vast majority of student athletes will benefit more from the lessons they learned about teamwork, commitment, and character, rather than how many home runs they poked over the fence. “The Character Counts Scholarship is our way of giving back to the community. Our commitment to character and service has played no small part in our company’s success. We hope to encourage young athletes to do the same in hopes that they reap the same benefits good character and integrity has brought us,” said Josh Kelly, partner at Parker & Sons. Parker & Sons did not embark on this interesting endeavor alone. The $10,000 character counts scholarship is offered with the support of Just Sports, 98.7, and of course, Parker & Sons. Everyone who is a student athlete should apply, especially since, everyone who submits an application will receive a $100 dollar gift card to Just Sports, an invitation to the award ceremony which will include free drinks and food, and four tickets to a sporting event. So all young athletes give yourself a break and realize that character indeed counts. Sometimes it’s not the leading scorer or ace pitcher that has the advantage. Sometimes character actually will take you a long way in life. About Parker and Sons Keeping You Comfortable With Expert Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Service Since 1974. Parker & Sons has been serving homeowners and businesses in Arizona for over 40 years and is recognized nationally. Contact Information Josh Kelly 602.273.7247 SOURCE Parker & Sons RELATED LINKS–sons-extends-generous-scholarship-to-student-athletes-300127217.html]]]]> ]]>