Parker and Sons Announces Apprenticeship Opportunities

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PHOENIX, Dec. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Parker & Sons has been providing electrical, HVAC, and plumbing services to the Greater Phoenix area for over forty years. They have been ranked as one of Phoenix’s top service providing companies, as well as consistently being ranked as one of Phoenix’s top customer service and satisfaction providers. The company has just announced that they are looking to expand their HVAC division, and are looking to hire on a number of Lead Installers and Apprentices. Photo – Parker & Sons representative Josh Kelly is excited about this public announcement. When asked about these open opportunities, Kelly pointed to the benefits that Parker & Sons employees receive with their employment. These include things like continuous paid training programs paid for by the company including EPA and NATE certifications, Heat Pump Council, as well as technical and customer service training. Parker & Sons also provides a comprehensive benefits package which features medical, dental, vision, and legal insurance, as well as short and long term disability insurance, paid time off, tool accounts, and a 401 (k) retirement plan. “We usually start off by paying our oncoming lead installers with a wage of $20-30 an hour, which has always increased for within a short time for enthusiastic employees. We’ve actually seen some increase their wages quite a bit even in a couple of months!” said Kelly. What’s also important about Parker & Sons announcement is the opportunity for young and inexperienced HVAC technicians to serve as apprentices to lead installers. Apprenticeships have always been an important aspect to Parker & Sons continued success and employee retention rate. Not only do apprentices’ make $14-20 an hour depending on previous experience, but many, if not all apprentices are hired on as full time employees at the end of their apprenticeship. Kelly mentioned that while there are more technical requirements needed to perform this job, such as the ability to perform moderate to heavy lifting, needing a high school diploma or GED equivalent, having a valid driver’s license, having the ability to pass a background check and drug screen, as well as pass a DMV check, there are many soft skills they look for when vetting applicants. Some of these include the ability to work well with others, the ability to problem solve, and having a real passion for the industry, as well as a desire to grow both personally and professionally. All of the details regarding the positions for apprentice and lead installer can be found on Parker & Sons website, at SOURCE Parker & Sons Related Links

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